Curriculum Content

Curriculum Intent 

Using the National Curriculum to underpin our curriculum, we have constructed units of study in each curriculum area to engage our children's curiosity about the world around them including the study of areas linked to the Kettering area and further afield.  Learners are taught specific subject matter alongside being encouraged to ask questions, research and discuss their learning using a range of resources and mediums. 

Our curriculum is built progressively from Reception (Kettering Park Infant Academy) to Year 6, developing our pupil's general knowledge and their subject specific knowledge.  Children are encouraged to recap previous knowledge as they gain new knowledge in each curriculum area. 

We integrate the Trust Wide InMAT values of Inclusion, Involvement, Inspiration, Integrity and Initiative alongside our own PARK values and ethos across all aspects of our academy life to ensure that our children leave Kettering Park Junior Academy prepared for the next stage in their education.