Vision and Values


Our ethos as an academy is to develop the three essential characteristics of learning progress, mental and physical wellbeing, for every child, building on the foundations developed during the infant years. We commit to this through living our core values of curiosity, creativity and community in all that we do.

We look to inspire curious learners for life, as it is through fostering the innate inquisitiveness of children, the desire to explore, investigate and learn, that knowledge, skills and understanding are instilled which equip children to fulfil their future aspirations. We encourage creativity in its many forms, providing our children with the ability to express themselves and demonstrate their learning in different ways.  We care for the whole child, nurturing their sense of belonging and community as part of the Park family, ready to take their next step in the world, secure in their sense of self.

Our core values underpin our PARK learning behaviours of Pride, Achievement, Responsibility and Kindness, which our children are encouraged and supported to use throughout their academic learning and social interactions every day.